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1950s Challenge: Polka dot dresses!

Posted on: May 29th, 2013 by shewhodoesnails  2 Comments

This week’s theme in the She Who Does Nail Art Challenges group is the 1950s, so I decided to paint little polka dot dress on my nails!

Can’t you just imagine when swinging and swirling around with their giant petticoats and ankle socks! SO cute.

1950s Challenge: Polka Dot Dresses

I started by painting all my nails with a base of Angelica Marshmallow which is a lovely matte pink polish – the perfect strawberry milkshake colour!

Next I painted each of the dresses on using Barry M Blood OrangeBarry M PlumNails Inc Black Taxi, and Barry M Blackberry. For this I used a tiny paintbrush and had to use two coats to get an opaque colour.

Finally, I used Barry M Matt White, my favourite white (pictured) to dot on the polka dots and paint on the waistband.

I am so excited to see what the other girls came up with in the group this week!

Blue Ripple

Posted on: May 24th, 2013 by shewhodoesnails  No Comments

Last week I had popped into town to get a new clothes airer as mine had broken the day before. Needless to say, I came home without a clothes airer and with five new nail polishes.

In recent weeks NYC (New York Color), a more affordable high street brand, have brought out a new set of five foil style polishes – labelled the FOIL EXPLOSION collection. I’m not sure about the explosion bit, but the word foil immediately screams stampability to me!

Barry M sells two foil effect polishes – Silver and Gold. These are easily the best stamping polishes I own, besides the Konad ones. So obviously I had to buy this set of colours, especially as they were only £1.99 each!

Blue Ripple nails

Today I have the colour Aqua Mystic to show you in a stamped manicure (obviously).

It usually takes me FOREVER to decide what stamping plates I should use, but with the blue I was really keen on doing a water themed manicure, so I sifted through my plates and found this ripple design on  Bundle Monster stamping plate BM-209 that I’d never used before.

I used LA Colors Blue Lagoon as the base for this manicure, and after that had dried, I stamped the image over the top with the NYC polish. I did find that I had to be fast, as the polish does dry quite quickly. But after I got the swing of it, the design came out perfectly!

I’m not sure how much like water this looks, but I don’t care. I am just so chuffed that I’ve got a set of usable coloured stamping polishes!


Lilac Twinkle

Posted on: May 23rd, 2013 by shewhodoesnails  1 Comment

I have so many pots of glequins (chunky pieces of glitter) in my nail art helmer that I feel bad that I don’t use them enough.

True, they are a little time consuming…..but the effect they bring is so pretty, it makes it completely worth it.

So today, I have for you a lilac glequin manicure! LOOK AT IT TWINKLE!

Lilac Twinkle nails

I started by painting my nails with two coats of Angelica Bluebell from their Soft Satin Collection. I picked up this polish a few weeks ago from the Primark on Oxford Street in London for only £2.50 which is a total bargain for such a pretty shade with an almost-matte effect.

I waited until that had dried, and then focusing on one nail at a time, I painted the nail with a clear topcoat (not quick drying!) and quickly positioned all of the glequins on the nail using a toothpick dipped in a bit of clear polish. It’s actually quite quick when you get the hang of it!

This was such a beautiful manicure, I wish I had been able to keep it on for longer. It really did sparkle!

Reptile Challenge: Snake Skin

Posted on: May 20th, 2013 by shewhodoesnails  2 Comments

It’s Monday again! That means that it’s time for a new theme in the She Who Does Nail Art Challenges group. This week, the theme is reptiles!

I’m sure I’m going with the crowd a bit this week, and I know it’s not very original but I’ve never done a snake skin design before and I’ve wanted to use this stamping pattern for AGES.

I bought the polish pictured – NYC Magic Earth – from Superdrug this week, along with the other polishes from the NYC Foil Explosion collection and I’m so impressed at their stamp-ability (yes that’s a word), especially for only £1.99 each!

Reptile Challenge - Snake skin nails

I started by painting my nails with Essie Navigate Her and after that had dried, I used NYC Magic Earth and Bundle Monster Plate BM-215 to stamp over the snake pattern.

I love the subtle effect so much! The shine really captures the scales I was going for :)

Can’t wait to see what the other girls come up with!

Mario Mushrooms!

Posted on: May 19th, 2013 by shewhodoesnails  1 Comment

I have been SO EXCITED about showing you all this manicure…..Mario Mushrooms! Aren’t they the cutest things ever?! They might have taken me FOREVER to do, but it was totally worth it.

If you’ve ever played Super Mario or Mario Kart, I’m hoping you’ll know exactly what these are. It was amazing how many people at work who hadn’t played the games thought they were ladybirds though….go figure.

Mario Mushrooms

I started my painting three nails with Barry M Blood Orange (actually a red) and one nail with Barry M Spring Green. After that had dried, I used Barry M Lychee and a tiny paintbrush to paint on their little bodies. I then tried to use my Barry M Nail Art Pen in White to draw on the spots, but they were a little too runny, so I reverted to my tiny paintbrush and a bottle of Barry M Matt White. Once it was all dry, I used Nails Inc Black Taxi (not Barry M shock horror!!)  to paint on the thin border and the little eyes.

Cutest thing I’ve ever done?

Review: Barry M Magnetic Blue

Posted on: May 18th, 2013 by shewhodoesnails  2 Comments

Today I have for you the final bottle of nail polish that my friend Sophie gave me for my birthday – Barry M Magnetic Blue. If you missed the reviews of the other polishes she gave me, you can see them here – Barry M Ridley Road, Barry M Chameleon Pink and Barry M Croc Effects.

Barry M Magnetic Blue is a shimmery metallic blue – almost a denim colour. It comes in the usual Barry M square bottle, but as it is one of their magentic nail polishes, it has a square lid with a magnet on the top. The magnet I got with this one was the star/cross shape which I was pleased about as I’ve wanted to try this pattern since I saw it in Boots a while ago!

The application was really good, as it usually is with metallic nail polishes and only took one coat to get an opaque colour. I then painted on a thick coat and quickly positioned the magnet over the nail and held it there for around 10 seconds. When I took the magnet away, I was left with this really cool pattern! (Excuse the nick on my middle finger…)

Barry M Magnetic Blue

The magnetic effect means that you get quite a spectrum of blues on your nail, which you wouldn’t be able to achieve with any other kind of polish. Plus, the colour moves in the light which is so so pretty and I just find myself shifting my hand around all the time and staring at it!

As I am a bit of a fan of the matte (really?! haha) so I thought I’d try my matte topcoat over it, and this was the effect that I was presented with. How amazingly cool does it look? It totally steps it up a notch! The blue still shifts in the light too, which I LOVE.

Barry M Magnetic Blue

You can buy Barry M Magentic Blue from Boots and Superdrug stores, or from the Barry M website for just £3.99!

Cocktail Challenge: Mint Mojito

Posted on: May 17th, 2013 by shewhodoesnails  1 Comment

The theme on the She Who Does Nail Art Challenges group this week is Cocktail Nails!

I have had literally no inspiration this week whatsoever, but I do really want to get back into stamping as I haven’t done much in ages, so I had a rummage through my collection of stamping plates and found three images I liked – a shattered effect, a leafy pattern and a cocktail glass! Perfect for a mint mojito! One of my favourite cocktails EVER!

Cocktail Challenge - Mint Mojito Nails

I started by painting my index and middle fingers with Barry M Matt White, my ring finger with Topshop Easy Breezy and my little finger with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Emerald Express.

After they had dried completely, I used Barry M Foil Effect Silver to stamp the shattered effect over my ring finger and middle finger to look a bit like ice, and a cocktail glass on my little finger! I then used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Emerald Express to stamp the leaf pattern on my ring finger and the tip of my middle finger. That was so hard to try and get full leaves!

Finally I used a bit of Topshop Easy Breezy to paint in the leaves on my middle finger!

I think I could have done my middle finger a little cleaner, but I am so pleased with the rest of my nails – especially my index finger, I love the white and silver together!

Check out what the other girls in the group have come up with below!

Indigo Flames

Posted on: May 13th, 2013 by shewhodoesnails  5 Comments

Purple mani!! It feels so long since I’ve done a purple mani, which is weird as purple is one of my favourite colours and I have a LOT of purple polishes!

I did these nails while on my lunch break at work. I’ve taken to planning my manicure in the morning and packing a nail kit with all the things I will need and then bringing it to work to do at lunch time! It’s been so great at getting me away from my PC for an hour.


I started by painting a base of Beauty UK Smokey Lilac on three nails, and Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri Grape Escape on my ring finger. I then painted a quick drying topcoat over the lilac nails to make them dry quickly so I could stamp over them without smudging! I used Models Own Boogie Nights to paint over my ring finger – such an amazing glitter! Finally, I used Sally Hansen Grape Escape again and a Bundle Monster stamping plate to stamp that gorgeous flame-like pattern onto my nails.

I love that Models Own glitter so much. I have the whole Mirrorball collection and really feel like I should use them more often!

Hope you’re all having a great Monday!

Review: Barry M Chameleon Pink

Posted on: May 12th, 2013 by shewhodoesnails  No Comments

Another polish-present to shopping you today from my friend Sophie! She was so generous!

Barry M Chameleon Pink is a lively metallic pink nail varnish that has amazing colour changing properties. When you put clear nail polish on top of it, it changes it an amazing vivid purple!

As ever, this Barry M nail varnish was wonderful to apply and only took two coats to make it opaque. The trick here though it to remember that you don’t want to put a top coat on every nail! I had to take myself off auto-pilot and put that bottle of Seche Vite down!

Barry M Chameleon Pink

The pink that the nail polish is out of the bottle is a lovely warm pink that looks perfectly beautiful on it’s own without doing an of the magic stuff. The only annoyance I would say though it that I desperately wanted to do a topcoat! I’m not sure how long this manicure would last without one…

I decided to paint my index finger completely with a topcoat, and after a couple of seconds, the colour started drying a beautiful rich purple colour. I was a disappointed though that the colour isn’t smooth and even all over, you can still see bits of pink poking through.

For my middle finger and little finger I used some clear polish and a dotting tool to make the dotted effect which I love! I was going to go with a striped approach too, but discovered that you can’t really tell where you are painting clear polish which was a bit frustrating – I had to stick with the simple dotting.

Overall, I think this chameleon polish is a great idea, and the pink and purple colour combo is lovely, but it does lack somewhat in usability due to not knowing where you’ve put the clear polish until it has dried and the uneven look.

If you want to try it for yourself, you can buy Barry M Chameleon Pink from Boots and Superdrug stores or from the Barry M website for just £3.99!

How are you following me?

Posted on: May 10th, 2013 by shewhodoesnails  3 Comments

Hi all,

I just wanted to do a quick post this afternoon about this blog rather than about nails – specifically about how you can follow it!

I’ve been doing nail swatches and nail art for quite a while now and have built up quite a collection of posts (and nail polishes!) and I am so grateful to the readership and followers that I have. Without you guys, blogging would be far less fun to do.

I do know though, that some people come to this blog and view my posts just when they think about it, or if they’re looking for something in particular…..but what if you miss something exciting?!

To avoid missing any of the nail art designs, polish swatches, giveaways and press announcements, there are several ways to follow me so you never miss a thing!


Facebook – I have a She Who Does Nails page on Facebook where I share links to all my latest posts. Like that page and you my posts will appear in your feeds!

Twitter – I’ve recently started getting into Twitter more, and love seeing and commenting on other’s nail art, and always reply to tweets, so come and have a chit chat with me by following me on Twitter (@shewhodoesnails)!

Instagram – Instagram is my new favourite app – there is a whole world of nail art on there! Follow me on instagram (@shewhodoesnails) to see cute little square collages of all my nail art designs that you won’t see on my blog, plus see sneak peeks of my nail art in progress that you won’t see anywhere else!

Pinterest – All my nail art designs get posted to Pinterest when I am finished writing the blog post, so it’s a great place to quickly go back through my library and see what you’ve missed as well as have it pop up in your feed when I have done something new!

RSS – If you use an RSS such as Feedly (or Google Reader that is now dead *sniff sniff*), use this link to subscribe to my blog’s feed. Each of my posts will be sent straight to your feed for you to read in your own time!

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Well that’s all for today folks! I hope you enjoyed my Friendship Bracelet nails post this morning :)