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Posted on: June 12th, 2014 by shewhodoesnails  No Comments


I have been waiting so ridiculously long to do these, and I’m pretty sure my family have asked me to do them more times than I can count.

Despicable Minions Nail Art

They are really easy to paint – all you need is a small paintbrush and a dotting tool, plus yellow, blue, grey, black and white polishes!

Polishes used...

M&Buffalo - 16
LA Colors - Wired
Nails Inc - Black Taxi
Barry M - Matt White
No7 - Grey Skies
Kiko - 362

Advent Tutorial: Elf

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Today is Christmas party day!! Wooooo! So excited about our big Christmas bash at work this evening. Have you had yours yet? The tutorial up today is for a cute little Christmas elf! Advent Tutorial: Christmas Elf Nail Art

Polishes used...

Barry M - Spring Green
Barry M - Blood Orange
Nails Inc - Unnamed
Bourjois - Beige Glamour
Barry M - Matt White
Nails Inc - Black Taxi
Barry M - Foil Effects Gold
Barry M - Yellow

Mr Tickle

Posted on: November 7th, 2013 by shewhodoesnails  2 Comments

Don’t even ask me where this idea came from. I literally have no clue, other that my weird mind managed to conjure it up whilst at work the other afternoon.

But wouldn’t you agree, this might be the best manicure I have ever done! I am so unbelievably proud of it!

If you don’t know who Mr Tickle is, he is a character from a series of children’s books called Mr Men and Little Miss :)

Mr Tickle Mr Men Nail Art

101 Dalmatians

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I seem to have caught the Disney nail art bug!

This is a design I saw pop up on a random Google search and just know I had to have a go at it! You can see the original version by Lisa Nails HERE.

I haven’t seen 101 Dalmations for years, but painting this manicure has immediately sparked my desire to watch it again. Only £8.99 on Amazon, so I don’t mind if I do!

101 Dalmatians Nails

Review: Kiko 423 Pearly Peacock

Posted on: April 27th, 2013 by shewhodoesnails  5 Comments

Kiko 423 Pearly Peacock is one of the polishes I picked up in Westfields London a few weeks ago with my birthday money. I was a little put off by the price, but this polish was the first one I set my eyes on in the shop and I NEEDED IT.

Even in the bottle, the polish is so unbelievably shiny and sparkly. It really is so well suited to it’s name. It’s a wonderful greeny bluey turquioisey (new words, yay!) polish which a fine glitter in it that almost gives it an iridescent finish.

The brush is the same as in all of the other polishes of their’s I own. It’s quite thick and chunky and holds a lot of polish. You really don’t need much on the brush to get a good coverage, and I needed virtually no clean up. It’s slightly thicker than some polishes, which I don’t normally like, but it seemed okay for this polish.

Kiko 423 Pearly Peacock

On the nail, the colour is exactly the same as in the bottle. In sunlight and in bright lights (like in my bathroom) it is extremely sparkly, but still looks very pretty under lower lights and in the shade.

This polish barely needed a topcoat at all, if it wasn’t for me wanting to make it dry quicker. It really is very shiny on it’s own.

Kiko 423 Pearly Peacock

I have become very fond of glitter polishes with a matte topcoat recently, so decided to use my Rimmel Pro Matte Finish topcoat over the top – and boy was that a good idea! The polish gave off a sort of suede effect like the polishes we’re seeing arrive on the market at the moment. It was still eye-catching and shimmery but smooth and sleek without the gloss look.

Kiko 423 Pearly Peacock

Trying this polish out for nail art was my next plan, and thought silver would go well with it. I used my new Barry M Nail Art Pen in Silver and Models Own Sterling Silver to draw on stripes, stamp a random cluster of polish, draw some swirls and paint one whole nail in silver. I absolutely LOVE how this design turned out! It looked so glitzy and glamorous!

Kiko 423 Pearly Peacock

You can buy Kiko 423 Pearly Peacock from their shop at Westfields London for just £4.90, or you can visit their website HERE.

I have been shopping!

Posted on: April 15th, 2013 by shewhodoesnails  5 Comments

As it was my birthday last week and some very kind people gave me some money as gifts, I decided to drag Jack to Westfields London on Saturday. I think I went a little over the top. I bought 29 nail polishes. No, I’m not joking.

We started by popping into Boots where I immediately saw a huge stand full of Sinful Colors polishes. I don’t own any of those, so as Boots had a 3 for 2 offer on, I managed to nab these three for only £3.98! The colours I got were Tokyo Pearl, Exotic Green and Cinderella.

[frame align="center"]Sinful Colours[/frame]

Next we stumbled across Beauty Bay which I knew was a place I could get LA Colors polishes for only 99p each! At one point I had 15 polishes in my basket, but I managed to cut it down to just 11.

These three colours are Palm Tree, Illusion and Fun In The Sun.

[frame align="center"]LA Colors[/frame]

The next three colours are Sea Siren, Metallic Blue and Blue Lagoon.

[frame align="center"]LA Colors[/frame]

These four polishes are Gold Nugget, Coral Reef, Shocker and Blossom.

[frame align="center"]LA Colors[/frame]

This polish was slightly more expensive at £1.99 and is called Crowd Surfing.

[frame align="center"]LA Colors[/frame]

Next I managed to find a Superdrug which is one of my usual go-to polish shops so I popped in to see if they had anything that my local one doesn’t, and it did! Tucked away on one shelf I found a few Invogue polishes! I’ve seen so many posts about these recently so I HAD to get some to try them. I bought two from the Matt Suede Effect Series – Emerald Dust and Sophisticated.

[frame align="center"]Invogue Emerald Dust & Sophisticated[/frame]

The one shop I had been desperate to go to was the Models Own Bottleshop. It’s so cool to be able to get polishes there before they come out in the shops! I immediately decided that I need to have the new Bora Bora – anything gold a sparkly is a sure fire winner in my opinion!

[frame align="center"]Models Own Bora Bora[/frame]

They also had an offer on in the Models Own Bottleshop – 6 polishes for £20! I have been waiting to get the Champagne collection and the Kaleidoscope collection for some time now and as I thought it was a little over the top to get both sets, I ended up going for the Champagne collection. I must say though, I was very impressed with the girls working in the Bottleshop – they were so happy to help and running all over the place to find things and suggest things to me!

[frame align="center"]Models Own Champagne Collection[/frame]

The last shop we visited in Westfields shopping centre was Kiko. This place confused me as last time we went there I paid only £1.50 per nail polish, but this time this polish cost me nearly £5! I don’t get it. That’s quite a huge markup. That’s why I only bought one, instead of the six I bought last time. This polish is Kiko 423.

[frame align="center"]Kiko 423[/frame]

After we had finished shopping, I gave all my bags to my wonderful other half to take home (isn’t he amazing!) and I went off to Oxford Street for my friend’s hen do. As I was a bit early arriving, I popped into Primark and was met by a big stand of Angelica polishes priced at £2.50 each. Naturally, I bought the whole collection of Soft Satin Matt Effect polishes!

[frame align="center"]Angelica[/frame]

Such a mad day – I really cannot wait to try all these polishes on over the next few weeks!

Have you bought any new polishes recently?

Copycat: Spots and Stripes

Posted on: March 29th, 2013 by shewhodoesnails  5 Comments

For a while now I have been a fan of the blog Nuthin’ But A Nail Thing. Claire comes up with such wonderful nail art designs – she’s really talented! So today I thought I would start a new nail art series doing my own take on some of my favourite nail art designs, starting with Claire’s Spots and Stripes design.

Claire has such lovely long nails compared to my short ones, so I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do as many spots, but I am so pleased with the outcome!

[frame align="center"]
Spots and Stripes

Black and pink is such a nice combo, especially as the pink has a bit of sparkle in it. I love how striking they are! I’m starting to think that this pattern would be really nice in pastel colours to give it a spring look. Maybe green and yellow or something. I can’t wait to try this again when my nails have gotten longer.

I would really recommend following Claire’s Nuthin’ But A Nail blog if you don’t already – I’m sure I’ll be copycatting her designs again in the future!

[box title="For this manicure I used:" color="#ff9e9e"]

  • OPI – Nail Envy
  • Kiko – 277
  • L.A. Colors – Black Striper
  • Dotting tool in 2 sizes
  • Seche Vite – Quick Dry Topcoat


My Westfields Haul

Posted on: September 10th, 2012 by shewhodoesnails  3 Comments

I’ve been shopping again…

So Saturday afternoon, my boyfriend and I didn’t have much to do and as we were meeting a friend in London for dinner we thought that a day out in London would be nice. I might have coincidently suggested a trip to Westfields shopping centre in Shepherd Bush just on the weekend that Models Own had released a new set of glitter polishes exclusively in their bottle shop there… More on this later.

Off we went on our merry way and had a really lovely afternoon wandering around before heading further into central London for dinner, and I bought LOADS of goodies :)

The first beauty shop we saw was Inglot. I have never heard of this brand before, but they had so many coloured polishes on display near the door I dragged Jack in for a look. After much deliberation, I came out with this beauty. The picture doesn’t really do it justice but it’s a lovely shimmery green. Can’t wait to try this out. Bit pricey though at £8 for the one bottle, but I think you sometimes lose your sense of value in shopping centres like this one.

[frame align="center"]

Inglot 320


We popped into Lush quickly, which if I’m honest I’m not a fan of. I just find the smells too strong and I start getting a headache :( I really wanted to get a pot of the Lemon Flutter cuticle cream though as I have heard so many good things about it. It really does smell amazing as so far it has left my cuticles so soft and supple. I think it’ll last forever too asyou really dont seem to need much. The lady in the shop said it is also good for elbows and knees which is nice.

I bought the Neutrogena Hand & Nail Cream as I didn’t have any hand cream in my bag and was dying for some moisturiser. This one feels awesome though. It leaves this really lovely silky feeling on your hands after you’ve used it. My boyfriend wasn’t so keen…

[frame align="center"]

Neutrogena Hand & Nail Cream, Lush Lemon Flutter Cuticle Cream


When I bought the hand cream from Boots I was given a voucher for £3 off No7 cosmetics. Oh dear. Off we trundled to the No7 nail polish counter and I picked out this awesome vibrant (verging on neon) coral colour for just £2.50!

[frame align="center"]

No7 Cheeky Chops


After more trundling around we came across a mega cheap beauty shop selling LA Color polishes for only 99p each! Naturally I had to have loads of them. I picked up three glitters and four shimmers in all. I actually picked up a lot more than that, but Jack made me put some back. I also got an Art Deco polish pen brush thing which I used yesterday and worked really well :)

[frame align="center"]

LA Colors – Star Light, Aqua Crystals & Treasure Island


[frame align="center"]

LA Colors – Aztec Orange, Wired, Bronze Bombshell & Apricot Fizz


[frame align="center"]

LA Colors – Art Deco Black


We also found another cheap beauty shop selling polishes for £1.50 each so I told myself I was allowed to buy six of them. I got the most awesome blue one, a champagney sort of colour and four pinks. I don’t really have many pinks so I thought I needed to rectify this. Currently I’m wearing the bright pink in the middle of the first photo and it truly is full on Barbie. Amazing!

[frame align="center"]

Kiko – 217, 277 & 364


[frame align="center"]

Kiko – 336, 303 & 261


So after a few hours of walking about we finally found the bottle shop of awesomeness that I had been looking for. If you haven’t seen the Models Own bottleshop at Westfields you should really go and check it out. My boyfriend did get a little claustrophobic in there, but I was far too busy zipping about trying to choose the colours I wanted. There was such a great deal on. You could get any 6 polishes for £20, and you would then also get one free!

I chose to get all the new Mirrorball polishes (obviously) and also got Pink Fizz and Scarlet Sparkle which I’ve had my eye on for a while. I could have gone a bit more mad, but I figured that I should wait until they do their 50% off sale at the end of the month.

[frame align="center"]

Models Own Mirrorball Collection


[frame align="center"]

Models Own – Pink Fizz & Scarlet Sparkle


All in all an expensive but rewarding day indeed. In case you’re wondering, my boyfriend Jack bought himself a self stirring mug from a gadget shop which is pretty awesome (I have one too!) and we had a lovely evening in central London with our friend :)

Don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY to win a bottle of Barry M Foil Effect Silver!